5 new giraffe disembark onto Gondwana’s majestic landscape

May 17, 2013

The world’s tallest land mammal disembarks onto Gondwana’s majestic landscape once again.The memorable release of the 5 giraffe took place yesterday morning in the awe inspiring reserve after their short journey from the Eastern Cape.

The Giraffe gracefully disembarked from the transport truck and surveyed their new surroundings with a sense of ownership. They were quite curious and actually came back to inspect the small silent audience of humans and moved on against the backdrop of the Langeberg Mountains.

One young bull and one older bull will join the existing journey of giraffe in Gondwana’s Nauga Valley rich with browse vegetation.  The other 3 were released in the protected walking area and are composed of 2 cows and 1 bull, all in their prime.  The vegetation in this area of the reserve is also ideal for the giraffe who will add a fun element to Gondwana’s walking and biking safaris!

The addition of more giraffe to the Gondwana family will enhance the wildlife experience and supplement to the diversity of game species which includes White Rhino, eland, kudu, lion, Cape Mountain Zebra and cheetah among many others.

The Gondwana Guides are all on the hunt to be the first to tick off giraffe!

Giraffe Leaving vehicle at GondwanaGiraffe leaving vehicle at GondwanaGiraffe Freed on Gondwana

Into the sunset - giraffe at GondwanaGiraffe release at Gondwana

Giraffe release at Gondwana



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