Scorpius Constellation

July 6, 2015

The most prominent constellation in the night sky over Gondwana at the moment is arguably that of Scorpius. Scorpius is also one of the constellations where one does not need a lot of imagination to see the scorpion in the sky. It consists of 17 stars with Antares being the brightest. Antares is about 520 light years away from us but despite this fact, it is still the 15th brightest star in our night sky 

In Greek mythology (according to one story) Orion wanted to kill one of each of the earths animals. The earth goddess Gaia was not pleased  with Orion’s intention so she sent a giant scorpion to attack Orion. No matter how hard he tried, Orion could not defeat the scorpion. When he tried to escape, the scorpion stung him to death with its poisonous tail.

As a reward for its service, Gaia placed the scorpion’s image in the night sky. To this day, it looks as if the scorpion is always chasing after Orion in the sky.  

By Field Guide, Salomon Munnik