A Day in the Life of a Gondwana Horse

November 1, 2012

From the horses’ mouth…

If Gondwana’s horses could talk they would be able to write books full of stories. Our Shire horses have the best of both worlds: the wild horse herd experience that allow them to roam free and fight for their place in the hierarchy. They also have the luxury of being fed and groomed on a daily basis in their own personal stall.  Not to mention the regular visits from the ferrier for a manicure and pedicure. Talk about a stress-free life.

Although these particularly large horses seem intimidating at first, these gentle giants, as Shire’s are known, are more than happy to take a rider along the trails that wander throughout the 1000 hectare protected area with our endangered species.

Their lifestyle is so appealing that they even convinced a zebra to joint their herd. For a couple of months a plains Zebra, given the name Frank, joined the horse herd while the rest of his family went along their way. He would walk with them and come in for food in the morning and at night. He was not so keen on being groomed or ridden; he left that to his adopted family.

Our horses will soon be embarking on a 6 week holiday when they receive their African Horse Sickness injections. For that period it will be all play and no work.

Sounds like the good life to me.