A new carnivore species spotted on the reserve . . . the Serval

July 28, 2015

Gondwana Game Reserve is home to seventeen carnivore species, which are animal species, belonging to the Order Carnivora. These animals range from very small carnivores such as the Small grey Mongoose and Small Spotted Genet, to medium sized species such as the Caracal and Bat-eared Fox the very large and powerful Lion. We have however been very lucky over the last few months at Gondwana to sight a new species on the reserve, the Serval. This is an uncommon feline to have on the reserve, as they are more accustomed to the grassland areas. They are wonderful animals and we are thrilled to have them here, as they are excellent rodent hunters. A single Serval can catch up to 1000 rodents a year on a single reserve.

They are mainly nocturnal hunters, which is an adaption to avoid being detected by larger predators such as Lion and Leopard. Another amazing fact is that they can jump anything between 3 meters to 5 meters high into the air to catch birds. This is possible due to the length of their legs, making them very tall and considered one of the tallest cats in the wild. Their heads are small in relation to their bodies, with small, highly sensitive oval ears, which are set close together. They are extremely intelligent and have even shown the ability to problem solve. This had led them to getting the reputation as being mischievous and allowing them to outsmart prey items. So keep your eyes peeled in order to see these special felines, for they may even outwit you!