August 3, 2012

We have an interesting pious zebra down at our stables. Originally he thought he was a Watusi cow and used to hang out with them then moved on to join the eland in the red rocks area. He stays away from all the other zebras which is quite bizarre.

He now hangs out with the horses and has now fallen in love with Sabra the little Arab mare owned by our stable manager Leandi.

We have now named him Frank, he is on our website as Mukani so our stable groom Chase has named him Frank Mukani.

Frank waits patiently outside the stables in the mornings for all the horses to finish their breakfast and then joins them for the day out in the veld. When we go on out rides he gets quite frantic and watches Sabra as she gallops off into the distance. One of these days I am sure he will join us on the out rides.

By Julian Hepple

Edited by Vanessa Naude



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