Buffalo on horseback

October 11, 2011

On the 14th of June myself, Tracey, Justin Dare our stable manager and one of our homeowners Aarnie Van Der Horst went on a outride , I picked up a problem with my bridle and had to return to the stables with Justin.

We decided we had to canter and gallop to catch up to Tracey and Aarnie so we had a great time riding through the fynbos, however they were too fast for us.

We just took it all in and rode amongst Cape mountain zebra, Bontebok, Eland, Red Hartebees .Our Riding area is truly an awesome experience for all levels of rider.

On our way back we spotted Two Buffalo and decided to go in for a closer look, this was great as one can get close to the game on horseback. The buffalo decided to come and investigate us and my horse was not to keen on this and ran off a bit with buffalo crashing through the trees behind us. The horse quickly relaxed and the buffalo ran passed me. Justin had ridden around to assist me but all was
well and we had just had an amazing encounter with our local buffalo. Our horses are used to the game and ridden daily ,this ensures a great outride experience at Gondwana.

We have horses to suit all levels and an outride in the fynbos with Justin and Tracey is something i would highly recommend.



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