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October 16, 2012

Long Crested Eagle

Long Crested Eagle spotted on Gondwana today!

This beautiful creature is way out of its distribution range, must have been attracted to the reserve by our beautiful Fynbos 🙂

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October 11, 2012

Secretary Birds!

A Beautiful pair of Secretary Birds seen at Gondwana.

Secretary birds are Large birds of prey and are recognized by their eagle type body and their long crane like  legs. However, when in flight this bird looks more like a crane than a bird of prey.

Female and Male secretary birds are distinguished by the male having longer head plumes and tail feathers. Adults have red faces where younger birds are yellow in colour.

Unlike other birds of prey, Secretary birds catch their prey on foot. They feed on small animals and arthropods.

Secretary birds are recognized in Africa for their striking appearance and their ability to rid areas of pests and snakes.

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September 20, 2012

Gondwana Game Reserve,wins “South Africa’s Leading Nature Experience”


“Winning a World Travel Award (WTA) is the highest commendation in the travel and tourism industry and this triumph serves as a testament to your hard work and commitment to excellence over the last 12 months,” said Graham E Cooke, chairman and founder of the World Travel Awards, to Mark Rutherford, owner of Gondwana Game Reserve.

Gondwana – a five-star game reserve on the Western Cape’s Garden Route and the only Fynbos nature reserve that also prides itself on being home to the free roaming Big Five – won the judges’ vote as South Africa’s Leading Nature Experience for 2012.

We have made a concerted effort to develop and promote Gondwana’s complete nature experience beyond the wildlife and game drive experience”, says Mark Rutherfoord.  “The reserve’s 1000 hectare protected area gives us a fantastic facility to get up close and personal with nature whether on horseback, on foot or on a bike.  We are continually developing our trails network with points of interest for the whole family.  We bring the Fynbos into all points of contact with the guest – through the housekeeping, the interior design, the cuisine, and the Junior Ranger Program.  We are truly fortunate the reserve is situated in a Fynbos biome and feel honoured we can help protect the critically endangered Cape Floral Kingdom.”

The reserve is an easy four-hour drive from Cape Town and only 45 minutes from George Airport. This wealth of wildlife and diversity of colourful Fynbos vegetation makes Gondwana Game Reserve a nature lover’s paradise. Relaxation and luxury while enjoying all the wonders of South Africa’s wildlife and spectacular landscape is what the Gondwana experience is all about. Not to mention the numerous nature activities on offer including exhilarating game drives, horse safaris, mountain biking, birding endemic species such as the Cape Sugar bird and Orange breasted sunbird, and the fun Junior Ranger Program which sees kids learning and loving nature!

Once on the property, guests appreciate not just the gourmet meals, but the pristine natural setting. The Outeniqua and Langeberg mountain ranges to the north provide a spectacular backdrop for the colourful Fynbos-blanketed landscape. Guests often say you can hear the silence

Wide open spaces offer food for body, mind and soul.

For Reservation inquiries please contact the reserve by email at or by telephone on +27 (0) 021 4245430.

For all media inquiries, please contact Nicky Arthur at Nicky Arthur PR by email at or by telephone at +27 21 424 0384

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September 7, 2012

Family school holiday safari special


Gondwana’s Fynbos Spring Special is Ideal for the Upcoming School Holidays!

Sunshine, fun and a blooming special is how Gondwana Game Reserve is celebrating Spring just in time for the school holidays.
With the winter quickly turning to spring, visitors to the Garden Route’s only Fynbos reserve that also boasts the Big Five will see the wonderful colours of a seasonal shift amidst a breath-taking landscape.
For only R1950 per person per night and R650 per child aged between 4 and 12), guests to the reserve will enjoy luxury accommodation, gourmet breakfast, high tea and dinner. They will also have two exhilarating game drives per day in the 11,000 hectare reserve with snacks and drinks included. If that is not enough, this special entitles each guest to a R100 Africology spa voucher to really get that pampered feeling going.
This Five Star reserve is big on kids as well and offers a fantastic Junior Ranger Program that keeps your little ones engaged in nature. Kids of all ages are welcome at Gondwana Game Reserve and families are booked into the reserve’s Private Bush Villas for their comfort and convenience with additional amenities like kitchen facilities, separate en-suite bedrooms, large outdoor decks, flat screen TVs and DVD players to assist with the little ones.

As part of the Junior Ranger program, Children will receive a fun Ranger’s backpack and cool safari booklet to fill in throughout their stay. During game drives and other  activities with their ranger, they will be taught how to identify mammals, birds, Fynbos species, and even stars, gaining a greater understanding of conservation and our precious eco systems. The participants will be quizzed on what they’ve learned by their ranger and receive a level 1 Junior Ranger Patch and completion certificate, as well as a picture with their ranger for their safari book.

A fun kid’s menu is always on offer and when Junior Rangers go to sleep, they’ll find a goodnight story and a yummy treat waiting for them.   Loads of other activities are available such as horse safaris, fishing, bush picnics, and more.
Gondwana is easily accessible and only a 4 hour drive from Cape Town or a 45 minutes from George Airport.   Yet once on the property, you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere as there is no light, noise, or visual pollution – just vast open spaces. The Outeniqua and Langeberg Mountain ranges surround the reserve to the North and provide a spectacular backdrop to top off the aesthetic delights of the colourful Fynbos landscape.
Gondwana is reaching out to all Cape Tonians to try us this winter and take advantage of our Blooming Spring Special valid until October 8th. Whether you are a couple or a family, you can count on a truly magical nature experience that is both luxurious and peaceful.

For further information visit For reservations please email or call Tel. +27 44 6977 002.

For all media enquiries contact Charleen White and Nicky Arthur PR by telephone on 021 424 0383 or by email at

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September 6, 2012



After a long second night, the team from Gondwana Game Reserve and the City of Cape Town had to call off the Houdini hippo capture last Thursday at about 4am in Zeekoevlei in Cape Town. Since this time the hippo has only been seen once by a resident. Gondwana Game Reserve and the City Parks officials have made a decision to wait

and see if they can pick up any consistent movement patterns before Gondwana’s team heads down again and incur the costs of the professionals and equipment. Mark Rutherfoord, Gondwana’s owner says, “We have no idea how long this is going to take but I am in daily communication with City Parks officials.”

Mark continues, “This is unfortunately characteristic of hippo capture and with all the variables, due to its location, this could be a long exercise. I was confident when we first went down due the fact that the hippo had been seen so frequently, but I am of the opinion that the pressure caused by the public has made the hippo very cautious of where he comes out. They are creatures of habit and it is just a matter of time before we see some sort of pattern. It is easier to work with the animals then try and force it to work for you. “

Last week the young hippo, which escaped through a hole in the fence at Rondevlei two weeks ago, was sighted the first night while the capture team was there on standby, but it had not come far enough away from the water to be darted. The issue is that the sedative needs to take action before the hippo can get back to the water and run the risk of drowning.

“We are not concerned that we were unable to dart the hippo last night, this is usual capture procedure and can take weeks, the most important factor is to ensure that the hippo’s safety is top priority, assuming no immediate human threat and we will only dart the animal if the location is completely comfortable for the hippo with no risk factors” Says Mark Rutherford.

Gondwana veterinarian Brendan Tindall explains hippos are creatures of habit, so though they were unable to capture the animal, they will quickly be able to predict his movements.

When the hippo is successfully darted and moved from Zeekoevlei, Gondwana Game Reserve along the Western Cape’s Garden Route will become his new home. The 11 000 hectare private reserve offers ample water sanctuary and grazing capacity for this bulk feeder that can eat up to 45 kilograms of grass a night. Rich in biodiversity, Gondwana Game Reserve is a magnificent place for a hippo to live surrounded by the majestic Outeniqua mountains. He will even have friends waiting for him at the reserve, though it is more than likely they will not meet up on the vast reserve.

This wealth of wildlife and diversity of colourful Fynbos vegetation makes Gondwana Game Reserve a nature lover’s paradise, not only for animals but for human visitors too. Relaxation and luxury while enjoying all the wonders of South Africa’s wildlife and spectacular landscape is what the Gondwana experience is all about.

If you wish to see the Cape Town hippo in its new home at Gondwana Game Reserve outside of Mossel Bay along with a host of other beautiful creatures and spectacular scenery contact the reserve by email at or on telephone at +27 21 4245430.

For any media enquiries, please contact Charleen White at Nicky Arthur PR by email at or by telephone at +27 21 424 0384.

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September 4, 2012


Gondwana Game Reserve has been nominated as South Africa’s Leading Nature Experience by World Travel Awards. Please vote for us!


Let  Gondwana’s breathtaking beauty stir your senses and restore your spirit as you experience natures’ creatures amidst a Fynbos wonderland of  colour and dramatic mountain vistas.

Situated on 11,000 hectares, Gondwana Game Reserve offers a distinctive,  malaria-free, five star safari experience less than a four-hour drive  from Cape Town. Indigenous Fynbos cloaks the undulating valleys adding vivid colour and interest to your wilderness experience drawing endemic  birdlife.  Gondwana’s spectacular landscape with a picturesque mountain  backdrop is teaming with game including Eland, Kudu, Red Hartebeest,  Gemsbok as well as cheetah, hippo, lion, giraffe, elephant and the rare  and endangered Black Rhinoceros, among many others.

Gondwana’s expert field guides will reveal Africa’s wildlife to you in a  Cape Fynbos environment; a truly unique safari experience.  Numerous  nature activities are on offer in the reserve’s 1000 hectare protected  area such as horseback safaris, mountain biking, fishing, guided Fynbos  walks, romantic picnics, and the ever popular Junior Ranger Program.

Stylish accommodation includes Kwena Lodge designed with a modern and  luxurious twist on the traditional Khoi-San dwelling and the  well-appointed and spacious Private Bush Villas ideal for families.  Our delicious cuisine is passionately prepared and guests are treated to  surprise bush breakfasts, elegant lodge meals, romantic picnics and  scenic sundowner spots with gourmet treats as the sun dips behind the  mountains. Nominated as South Africa’s Leading Nature Experience
Return with us to nature’s perfect playground…

Contact Details: <>
+27 (0)21 424 5430

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September 3, 2012

Living to See another Generation

Change is on the horizon, with South Africa and Vietnam sitting down to discuss issues concerning rhino poaching and the illicit trade of rhino horns in the east Asian country. This could mark the beginning of the end for poaching in South Africa, saving countless numbers of rhino and allowing them to repopulate their habitats.  Gondwana provides a haven for the endangered black rhino and White Rhino to thrive and roam free.

Vietnam is one of the biggest importers of illegal rhino horns, due to the huge demand for what many in the country believe to have mystical healing properties.  The horns are also sought after to be used as dagger horns on knives given to young males in a rite of passage. As a result, there’s been a boom in rhino poaching in and around South Africa, which has adversely affected the already declining rhino population.

If all goes well in the discussions between South Africa and Vietnam, which is what Gondwana and all South Africans are rooting for, we are hoping for a major reduction in instances of the mindless killing of the magnificent rhino in the future. Not only is it important for us to save the rhino for our future generations, but we must also take into account that every animal has a right to life, the rhino included.

We must respect the intrinsic value that this animal possesses and play our part to make our country a sanctuary for it. If we don’t do it, then who will? Gondwana is home to the rare and endangered black rhino and we hope to contribute to the species’ growth by conserving a habitat and eco system for this majestic animal in order to help grow the population to less critical numbers.

We are happy to see the great level of support that animal rights activists and the average citizen of South Africa has shown in a bid to curb poaching in the country. This may not make any immediate difference, but in the long run, stricter policies and the on-going support from everyone will have us defeating the means to poaching and creating an environment that is conducive to the black rhino’s continued existence.

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