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June 11, 2012

Protea Forest

The Protea Forest is in full bloom this time of year with thousands of the Bearded Protea dotting the landscape.

Fynbos is not only famous for its remarkable diversity, but also the beauty of many of its wildflowers. The landscape has become blanketed in an array of vivid colours, with many of the Proteas and Erica’s coming into full bloom. A little gem in the  north western section of the reserve, known as Protea Forest, has transformed into a floral showcase, with thousands of flowering plants such as the Bearded and King Protea producing an impressive display of contrasting colours, attracting animal species such as pollinating rodents, Sunbird’s and insects.

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June 1, 2012

Black Rhino Conservation Experience

Gondwana Game Reserve proudly invites you to experience an exclusive and critically important Black Rhino anti-poaching and conservation initiative.

Given the endangered status of the Desert Black Rhino and dramatic rise of rhino poaching, it is imperative to keep an active tracking device in the horn of all rhino. These need to be replaced every few years.  Gondwana would like to allow a small group of people to share in this thrilling experience to help raise funds to further our Black Rhino Conservation program.
This will include the following:

·  Participation in the capture and rhino horn implant

·  Helicopter darting, capture of Rhino, implant of radio devise into the horn

·  Informational talk on Black Rhino conservation from South African expert

·  Theoretical and practical explanation on chemical immobilization of rhino with Dr Brendan Tindal, Black Rhino Specialist.

Throughout your experience, all of Gondwana Game Reserve’s luxuries will be available to your group exclusively.

·  3 nights 5 star accommodation at Kwena Lodge or in Private Bush Villas depending on your group’s specifications

·  All gourmet meals, snacks and beverages

·  Private Game Viewer and expert field guide for your stay

·  Spa Treatments

Rates are quoted as per person sharing per night

and are as follows:

*2 guests  R29 000 * 4 guests  R14 500 *6 guests R9 720
*8 guests R7 290 *10 guests R5 830

Rack Rate includes the following per overnight stay:
      • Private Game Viewer
      • Private Field Guide
      • Breakfast
      • Lunch
      • Dinner
      • 2 Game Activities
      • Junior Ranger Program for Children
      • Local Beverages including House Wines
      • Taxes
      • Mini Bar
      • Free Internet

Click to download more information Rhino Package

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May 24, 2012

The Days Of Our Lions

The lion has been an icon for humanity and have enjoyed a positive depiction in culture as strong but noble. Gondwana’s male lion fits the description perfectly. Until recently the male and female lions have avoided each other residing on opposite ends of the reserve. Gondwana management intervened to promote a bonding process whereby the entire pride was relocated to the centre of the reserve and temporally held in the predator boma. Lions are the only members of the cat family to display obvious sexual dimorphism—that is, males and females look distinctly different. They also have specialised roles that each gender plays in the pride.
Cupid’s arrow struck and within a week, it was like Valentine’s Day in March. The bonding process has been successful and once behavior such as the cheek rubbing and mating was seen, the felines were released back onto the reserve. The lion is the only truly social member of the cat family. Females form the stable social unit in a pride and do not tolerate outside females, membership only changes with the births and deaths of lionesses.
These apex predators have remained cohesive and are successfully hunting. We look forward to the results of the time spent on honeymoon in the boma. The King of Gondwana has resumed his position with his ladies at his side.- By John Vogel

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December 5, 2011

Time is precious for little Dominique

Time is precious for little Dominique

Gondwana recently heard about a heartbreaking story right here in Sedgefield and immediately jumped in and supported the Du Toit family.

Read their story here.

Should you wish to assist the Du Toit family in any way please contact Louise – so we can see if we can continue to support the family during this tough time.

Thank you for your support and generosity.

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October 11, 2011

Buffalo on horseback

On the 14th of June myself, Tracey, Justin Dare our stable manager and one of our homeowners Aarnie Van Der Horst went on a outride , I picked up a problem with my bridle and had to return to the stables with Justin.

We decided we had to canter and gallop to catch up to Tracey and Aarnie so we had a great time riding through the fynbos, however they were too fast for us.

We just took it all in and rode amongst Cape mountain zebra, Bontebok, Eland, Red Hartebees .Our Riding area is truly an awesome experience for all levels of rider.

On our way back we spotted Two Buffalo and decided to go in for a closer look, this was great as one can get close to the game on horseback. The buffalo decided to come and investigate us and my horse was not to keen on this and ran off a bit with buffalo crashing through the trees behind us. The horse quickly relaxed and the buffalo ran passed me. Justin had ridden around to assist me but all was
well and we had just had an amazing encounter with our local buffalo. Our horses are used to the game and ridden daily ,this ensures a great outride experience at Gondwana.

We have horses to suit all levels and an outride in the fynbos with Justin and Tracey is something i would highly recommend.

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October 11, 2011

Lion Kill At Kwena

Last week after the heavy rains we were on our way in to Kwena Lodge when we spotted fresh lion tracks as well as zebra tracks, The lions were following them on a hunt.

We suspected something had happened nearby as we could feel the tension in the air ,shortly afterwards Chantelle De Bertoli called in that she had spotted a dead zebra 30 meters from the entrance gate of the lodge. Myself and Arno Smit went on a search for the lions to get a location on them. We followed their tracks in our vehicle for a while but couldn’t get a clear view so we went on foot.

This was great as we could read the “story” as to how the lions stalked the zebra and ambushed her, from the tracks we found where they had attacked and in the end we found the carcass and then realized we needed to get onto our vehicle as soon as.

What a great experience though tracking the lions all the way to a kill. What a way to start ones day! Gondwana truly offers once in a lifetime experiences for guests and staff everyday!

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October 11, 2011

Happenings during September 2011

Happenings during September 2011

Through this newsletter, we hope to share our excitement with you and keep you updated on all of the conservation efforts on the reserve.  Thank you to all that contributed, looking after our wildlife really is a team effort. A special thanks to John Vogel from our wildlife team for spearheading this initiative. An additional 500 head of general game were introduced this winter including kudu, eland, bontebok, red hartebeest, ostrich, gemsbok, and zebra. Read about our recent cheetah introduction and watch this space to hear about exciting Brown Hyeana and Giraffe introductions in the near future!

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September 14, 2011

Cheetah Release

Cheetah Release

Two wild cheetah have taken their first steps to a new life on Gondwana’s 11 000 hectare reserve.
The arrival of the two males has sparked much excitement with frequent sightings being reported on
a daily basis by staff and guests. The two males join the male and female cheetah that were released
in September 2010. Gondwana is privileged to participate in the conservation of this endangered and
beautiful species. These two cats will add a new dynamic to the balance of the ecosystem within the

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July 27, 2011

500 Head Of Game, Spa Doors Opened

500 Head Of Game, Spa Doors Opened

Gondwana Game Reserve continues to invest in its wildlife program with kudu, eland, springbok, red hartebeest, ostrich, gemsbok and zebra being released this winter totalling 500 head of general game. The cheetah and hippo populations introduced in 2010 have settled well, with frequent sightings on game drives. Gondwana also plays home to free roaming big five populations including the endangered black rhino and over 10 species of antelope.

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