Cheetah Release

September 14, 2011

Cheetah Release

Two wild cheetah have taken their first steps to a new life on Gondwana’s 11 000 hectare reserve.
The arrival of the two males has sparked much excitement with frequent sightings being reported on
a daily basis by staff and guests. The two males join the male and female cheetah that were released
in September 2010. Gondwana is privileged to participate in the conservation of this endangered and
beautiful species. These two cats will add a new dynamic to the balance of the ecosystem within the

The two males were strategically chosen based on factors such as the ability to hunt, they are well
bonded, and that they have been exposed to an apex predator such as lion. The combination of
these factors will improve the success of these cats on the reserve. After an 8-hour journey from the
Eastern Cape Province in transport cages, the 2 year old cheetah males arrived at Gondwana. They
were released into a boma which is an enclosure that was specifically built and adapted for large
predators such as cheetah. The boma allowed the cheetah to become comfortable and gives them the
opportunity to acclimatize themselves to their surroundings before being released onto the greater

The fastest land mammal was in no rush to leave their boma. After 15minutes, the larger cheetah built
up the courage to see what’s on the other side of the boma. Once the first male had found the exit, the
smaller male was hot on his heels. The boys elegantly ambled along, from the boma where they had
spent the last month in preparation for this momentous moment, pausing frequently to observe their
new surroundings.

Both of the males have been fitted with radio collars to allow the conservation team to effectively
monitor the cats’ performance on the reserve and plot the animals’ movements and hunting patterns to
improve our knowledge of cheetah on Gondwana’s very unique and matchless ecosystem.

We anxiously await positive interaction within our population, which we are hoping will result in
offspring. Gondwana intends to play a significant role in cheetah conservation in the Western Cape as
well as in the spirit of the greater meta-population management of such an endangered species.



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