5 Star Lodge Officially Opens!

June 12, 2010

Gondwana´s new 5 star lodge officially opens!

12 June 2010

5 Star Lodge

Gondwana´s new luxury Kwena Huts main lodge and 14 stand alone deluxe bedrooms opened in the end of May with a festive 60 person private event. True to its Khoi San concept the whole
lodge feels like an African village or camp with intimate pathways leading you to your doorstep. The idea was to make the lodge feel transitory as though it could be picked up and moved true
to the nomadic Cape Herders, the first residents to this area. Bar stools were made from carved out stumps with skins thrown over for comfort, worn pathways were created rather than decking
and many textures and materials used could have been picked up from the surrounding land such as Nguni skins and horns, rocks, stumps and sticks.

Facilities include reception building with curio shop, central fireplace and offices. This leads out onto a jaw dropping view of the valley, waterholes and dramatic mountains beyond. Wind
your way to the spacious dining facility under 2 dome roofs with central fireplaces in each creating a romantic and elegant space underneath calbasher chandeliers. Or take a turn past the
equally dramatic lounge and bar building which houses a chic combination of African accents and top modern design. A staircase built into the hill leads down to the pool area with a stunning
infinity pool overlooking 2 waterholes. The bedroom huts fan out from there all landscaped for total privacy and maximum views of the mountains. The spacious bedrooms are dubbed "rooms
in the round" with the bed centrally located underneath a skylight and clay pot fireplace nearby to keep you warm. The large open plan bathroom houses a double vanity, open rainfall
shower, separate toilet and a deep tub with a view to die for out a 3-meter window. Each bedroom has a large verandah under a reed ceiling to take in your natural surroundings.

Rian Fourie transformed the landscape surrounding the lodge buildings so naturally that it feels as though the camp has been there for a 100 years. The landscaping creates privacy between
the units and lends authenticity to the concept using natural grasses, rocks and Fynbos found on the reserve. Lynne K Interior Design worked creatively within the concept, creating
interesting spaces within the dome/hut architecture style and mixing the Khoi San heritage with new contemporary design.

The name Kwena comes from the Khoi San language and was used as a reference to one another. We hope you can come and share the warmth and history of Gondwana´s new, luxury Kwena Huts!



    African Property Awards winner:  2016 & 2017 Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards 2016 Winner
    BirdLife South Africa - Birder Friendly 2016 Winner of Sanlam Top Destination Award