University Research Study on Gondwana’s Elephant Population

July 12, 2009

We are proud to announce that Gondwana has entered into a formal research program together with the University of Port Elizabeth (UPE) looking at the spatial/ecological utilization of our elephant. Gondwana offers the unique opportunity for scientists to study these incredible species within a fynbos biome. Such a study has never been done before and all parties both private and government are extremely excited about the pending results. These results will be used by conservation authorities as guidelines within the Western Cape to help structure better and more realistic elephant management plans.

Our lions have been an extremely exciting addition to the reserve. The introduction into their boma and bonding process went according to plan and their release onto the reserve has been nothing but remarkable. They have been seen making their own kills of both Gemsbok and Black Wildebeest and seem to have adapted quite comfortably to their new terrain and surroundings.

There is much we still want to achieve on the reserve and hope to report on new game drive roads next quarter as well as to the changes in the wildlife movement and habitat utilization due to the release of the lions.”

Mark Rutherfoord, Director


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