Gondwana introduces more giraffe, buffalo and hippo and 450 antelope this winter!

August 4, 2016

Last week saw to the safe delivery of five new hippos into Lehele Valley – a sterling job accomplished in the driving rain and under a moonless night! The hippo are settling in nicely and have even started to interact with our existing hippo. These animals arrived all the way from Limpopo where the area is suffering from a terrible drought and therefore grazing is minimal. The lush grazing we have on Gondwana coupled with the supplementary Game Licks we have placed should allow for these animals to regain their strength and achieve good condition in time. 

– Photos by Yoka Wright

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A herd of 7 Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) were safely released on to the main Reserve in the early hours on Wednesday 27 April 2016, which was also Freedom Day.

There are nine subspecies of giraffe in Africa and we released the South African Subspecies, which has distinctive dark and rounded patches on a tawny background colour. The spots extend down the legs and get smaller the further down they go. The Southern Giraffe is known to be the shortest of all the subspecies.

We introduced three males (called Bulls) and four females (called cows). We are very pleased to have these additional Giraffe on Gondwana and we all look forward to increase sightings on the reserve.

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 Gondwana continues to grow the populations of its iconic species with the introduction of a new buffalo herd from baviaanskloof game reserve, a world heritage site.



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