Happy Trails

December 10, 2013

The newly established Quagga Hiking Trail is now open to guests to meander and explore the fynbos clad valleys in the 1200 hectare predator free area of Gondwana Game Reserve. Hikers can now amble on foot and see the many treasures on the reserve with points of interest signposted. The trail traverses an area rich in biodiversity that is largely inaccessible to even 4×4 vehicles, while providing the nature lover with the opportunity to marvel at the abundance of indigenous flora while keeping an eye out for rare and endangered animals such as the Cape Mountain Zebra. The trail has been named after the Cape Mountain Zebra that is informally referred to as the Berg Quagga by the local people.  The name quagga is derived from the zebra’s call, which sounds like “kwa-ha-ha.

The 2.5km circular trail is open to all ages and can easily be completed within 45minutes. The walk starts from the Milkwood Valley ridge before descending into a valley where the trail strolls and straddles a non-perennial stream that attracts various indigenous bird and mammal species.

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