Hiking in Milkwood Valley

June 27, 2012

It has been an awesome experience hiking in the Gondwana Safe area lately as I have been able to enjoy the small things Gondwana Game Reserve has to offer.

Our Protected species/walking area is what we call “Renosterveld” and offers a different kind of Fynbos with an interesting mix of plant species as well as some interesting butterflies  such as blue pansies, yellow garden area, whites and common blue. We have beautiful Cape Mountain Zebra in the area who are looking fantastic at the moment. Hiking and being on foot really brings one allot closer to all the smaller things nature has to offer and is highly recommended at Gondwana. On one afternoon hike I managed to see a fish eagle, Peregrine Falcon hunting, African Harrier Hawk and a Secretary bird was nesting.

The other night while driving home in Milkwood Valley my wife Tracey and I spotted two Bat eared foxes another one of our secret little species we have on offer.

So come enjoy Gondwana Red rocks and Milkwood Valley for up close and personal hiking and horse safari’s.

By Julian Hepple