Lion Hunt

April 11, 2011

One Thursday night I went out on drive with two clients in the Red rocks area in search of  lions.

The area is perfect for them with long grass and a rusty colouration… ideal for a lioness to lie in ambush – as my guests remarked.

After a while we started heading back to Kwena camp and found our magnificent pride walking towards our security gate two with a weary guard in it.(Our male lion loves to chew the guard’s doormat and stare deep into his eyes late at night).

We started following them and got really close to them, they were on a hunting mission and were after Zebra this evening. The reached the road and split up as though they had sat and planned an attack, the three lionesses went one way and the male went to the far right and hid in a burm at our communications tower .

We were right next to him and he crouched down low and started moving slowly towards the zebra, they could sense something was wrong and grouped together. The male moved in to pounce and at that very moment Viktoria Dedola came driving right through the hunt…this did not bother them, instead the male attacked in the dust left behind by the car and chased the zebra towards the lionesses.

The zebra broke through the attack and one lioness nearly grabbed a zebra mare but was run over and shook her head in disgust!

What an awesome experience for clients to see!!!



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