Lion Kill At Kwena

October 11, 2011

Last week after the heavy rains we were on our way in to Kwena Lodge when we spotted fresh lion tracks as well as zebra tracks, The lions were following them on a hunt.

We suspected something had happened nearby as we could feel the tension in the air ,shortly afterwards Chantelle De Bertoli called in that she had spotted a dead zebra 30 meters from the entrance gate of the lodge. Myself and Arno Smit went on a search for the lions to get a location on them. We followed their tracks in our vehicle for a while but couldn’t get a clear view so we went on foot.

This was great as we could read the “story” as to how the lions stalked the zebra and ambushed her, from the tracks we found where they had attacked and in the end we found the carcass and then realized we needed to get onto our vehicle as soon as.

What a great experience though tracking the lions all the way to a kill. What a way to start ones day! Gondwana truly offers once in a lifetime experiences for guests and staff everyday!



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