Morning game drive with the lions- by Colin Smit

March 14, 2013

5 March 2013

We were out before the sunrise and boy, was the feeling good!

It was somewhat misty and a little fresh, but by no means cold. We set out on our respective game drives to find the lions who we hadn’t seen them for a couple of days, 1 Ranger took his guests down to the Nauga Valley and myself and another vehicle stayed near the top.  As the mist began to lift we started on our search for the lions.
We heard some roaring close by but the challenge was to pin point where it was coming from. Again the two of us on the top plains split up, one person looking in the valleys and the other up on the plains. As we were admiring the rising sun and warmth it gave us we discovered the majestic male lion. As we got to him he moved off. We slowly followed him where is stopped to greet a female with two cubs – we stayed about 300m from them and watched as the four of them played with each other enjoying the morning. The good mood was most likely to a kill they’d just made. The guests on their last drive, were ecstatic! What a beautiful way to start the morning!

Male Lion at Gondwana game reserve



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