New Arrival to Gondwana Game Reserve

May 30, 2013

This young female bushpig arrived at Tenikwa Rehabilitation Centre at about 5 weeks of age. She comes from the Knysna area where she was attacked by dogs, but fortunately escaped and spent the night in a residents swimming pool.  She lost an eye and developed pneumonia in the process. This young bushpig was in a poor state but with the hard work and hours that Tenikwa put in, she has made a full recovery. Tenikwa gradually prepared her to be released back into the wild.

The bushpig arrived at Gondwana Game Reserve yesterday where we prepared her for her next phase to be released into our 1200ha predator free walking area. She immediately left her transport crate and started relandscaping her temporary holding boma. She has stolen the hearts of many staff members especially that of Tayla Hawkins from the wildlife department  who will be looking after and monitoring her performance.. Tayla has since renamed her Fat Amy

 Congratulations to Tenikwa for the fine work that they are doing in caring for wildlife and returning them for the wild.Bush Pig - Gondwana Game Reserve

Bush Pig