Another Baby Elephant Born on Gondwana

July 28, 2015
Elephant herd at Gondwana

Gondwana Game Reserve is now home to 13 elephant after the recent birth of a third calf. The initial herd of four introduced onto the reserve in 2008 have bred successfully with 2 calves born. Another five elephant were introduced in 2014 and have recently had an offspring. We were delighted to welcome the most recent addition to the herd, a young bull who has brought a lot of joy to both our guests and staff.  Our new little bull, named Mandla, uses every opportunity to demonstrate his manly traits, by challenging his brothers regularly charging them at every opportunity. For the first few weeks of his life, his mother was fiercely protective over him as elephant mothers are renowned for doing. She even chased the other family members away if they got too close.

The current elephant herd demographic on Gondwana is comprised of two Matriarchal herds consisting of Adult females and closely related offspring. These two herds consist of four and seven animals respectively. Our two adult bulls, Bully and Mabitsi, are generally found together, but are often still found roaming and feeding individually. Elephant herds are known to meet up to socialise together for between two and four days before breaking up into smaller groups. During these periods, the males will push for dominance while the females bond.

Gondwana is still extremely proud to be home to the first elephant calves born in the wild in the Southern Cape in the last century except perhaps for the elusive and infamous elephant of the Knysna forest.

DSCF8356 Elephants



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