New Junior Ranger Conservation Materials!!

August 4, 2016

Registration cards our little Junior Ranger’s fill in at check in which we then add a photo with their ranger at the end of their stay and it becomes a nice memento to take home.


99369 Gondwana - Junior Ranger Registration cards Updated-2

The booklet is given to all children visiting Gondwana to complete with their Field Guide on game drives and in our various Junior Ranger modules which include learning to track and making a mould of an animal track.  Making your own fishing rod and fishing in one of Gondwana’s many waterholes and learning how to analyze dung samples to better understand what various animals eat.  We also do crafts with the indigenous Fynbos. Many of the illustrations found in this book are original hand drawn images made by artists and naturalists we work with. See examples from the booklet below. 

99453-99453 Gondwana - Junior field booklets Proof 3 copy-199453-99453 Gondwana - Junior field booklets Proof 3 copy-399453-99453 Gondwana - Junior field booklets Proof 3 copy-1299453-99453 Gondwana - Junior field booklets Proof 3 copy-9

Bedtime stories are left on Junior Rangers Pillows to read before they go to bed. 

JRChildrensStory_Crocodile2 JRChildrensStory_Crocodile2