Recipe of the week – Chicken and Langoustine Terrine Wrapped in Cucumber

April 25, 2013

Chicken and Langoustine Terrine Wrapped in Cucumber-Christo ‘JC’ Nortier

By Gondwana Chef- Christo ‘JC’ Nortier

Yield: 1kg terrine (10-12 80g slices)
• 500g chicken breast, ground
• 2ea egg whites
• 10ml salt
• 2ml ground white pepper
• 180ml shellfish essence, chilled (recipe below)
• 60ml heavy cream, chilled

• 500g langoustine tails, blanched, shelled and deveined (keep shells for the essence)
• 75g Shitake mushrooms, stems removed, sliced, sautéed and chilled
• 30ml Dill, chopped
• 15ml Parsley, chopped

1. Prepare mousseline forcemeat: Process the ground chicken, egg whites, salt and pepper. Add the shellfishessence and heavy cream with the machine running, and process just to incorporate.
2. Pass the forcemeat through a drum sieve, into an ice cold bowl.
3. Test the forcemeat and adjust the seasoning if necessary before proceeding.
4. Fold in the langoustine tails, mushrooms, and herbs over an ice bath.
5. Oil the terrine mould and line it with the plastic wrap, leaving an overhang. Line with thinly sliced cucumber slices and dust lightly with granulated gelatine. Pack the forcemeat into the lined mould, making sure to remove any air pockets.
6. Fold the liner over the forcemeat to encase completely. Cover.
7. Poach the terrine in a waterbath in a 165C oven to an internal temperature of 72C.
8. Remove the terrine from the waterbath and allow to cool slightly.
9. Let the terrine rest in the fridge overnight, weighted lightly. The terrine is now ready to be served.

Chef’s tip: the essence can be prepared using the shellfish shells from this recipe or from other uses. T ake care to freeze the shells if they cannot be used within 12 hours.

Shellfish essence
Yield: 180ml
• 500g Shellfish shells
• 15ml vegetable oil
• 120g onions, finely chopped
• 2ea Garlic, cloves minced
• 360ml Heavy cream
• 1ea Bayleaf
• 15ml Robertsons veggie seasoning
• 5ml Chicken stock, reduced

1. Sauté the shells in the vegetable oil until red. Add the onion and garlic and sauté until aromatic.
2. Add the heavy cream, bay leaves, seasoning and reduce to half the original volume.
3. Add the reduced stock/ glace and squeeze through cheesecloth. Final volume should be 180ml. Chill to below 8 C, before using in the terrine.



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