Reserve Expansion

May 17, 2010
Nauga Valley

Nauga Valley
Large sweetveld area in expansion ground

Reserve Expansion

28 November 2009

Gondwana’s expansion program has now come to fruition with the completion of the external fences and the
current dissembling of the fence dividing the two properties.

Gondwana adds 3000 hectares onto its size totaling nearly 11,000 hectares and brings in new eco-systems.
The inclusion of this area has added numerous species to both our mammal and bird list with the guides
excitedly reporting a first sighting of the Knysna Lourie and breeding pairs of Klipspringer.

The timing of the fence coming down was ideal with the late rains stimulating growth in this sweet veld region creating natural movement of wildlife into this new area.
We have successfully relocated one of our black rhino into this area according to plan as it is a more
suitable habitat for this highly selective browser species.



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