December 16, 2010

One particular sighting that comes to mind is one involving our male rhino. It was a warm afternoon, myself and three guests departed on evening Game Drive. We had struggled previously in the day to find the rhino so we went back even more determined to find him.

After a good hour and a half of searching our luck changed and we found him as he was walking out of the valley from below us. Myself and my guests sat in complete silence. He proceeded to walk right towards the vehicle as if he didn’t even know we were there. As I started speaking to my guests he realized there were people watching him and came charging towards the vehicle. I banged on the side of my vehicle very loudly and he immediately stopped in his tracks a mere 10 or so meters away from us, where he calmed down and even started feeding again.

This was a really exciting experience and great pictures were taken by all.

Another great sighting we had this month was with our Lions. We had not seen them for a few days previously so I was keen to try my luck. This game drive I had new guests. They were very interested in the lions which I knew might be a challenge as we had not seen them for awhile. We headed out on evening game drive and the lions were top of the list. I drove all over, up the valleys and down the valleys but there was no sign of any cats around, so we stopped to take a drinks stop, stretch the legs and watch the sun set.

Once everyone had enjoyed there drink and some snacks we hit the road once more to see what the night may hold for us.

Just as the last light was fading we were fortunate enough to find the lions all laying down close to one our small dams which we call stork pan. They were lying right out in the open area which is covered in grass, this allowed us to approach to within 15 meters of the pride which was exciting in itself.

We sat watching them for a good 10 minutes and just when we thought it could not get any better three of them started calling all at the same time – truly awesome. It is a sound that brings goose bumps to the back of your neck, you can physically feel your whole body vibrating. It is a feeling that cannot be described. We enjoyed the sighting for about 15 minutes more after that and then called it a day. We left them in peace with huge smiles on our faces to head back and enjoy a well earned dinner.



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