Silver-spotted Bladder Grasshopper (Physemacris variolosa)

November 16, 2015
Silver-spotted Bladder Grasshopper (Physemacris variolosa)

The Silver-spotted Bladder Grasshopper can be found in open Fynbos and Renosterveld. They are nocturnal and one of a very few animals that feeds on Renosterbos (Elytropappus rhinoceratus).

The male’s body is converted in such a way that it can inflate it with air, so as to amplify the tone of it’s call. The call can be heard at night time to attract females. Some that have heard the call say it sounds like a motorized rasping.

The spots on its body are a beautiful silver colour and it is about 50mm in length. They are quite light in weight, beong only filled with air. 


This Silver-spotted Bladder Grasshopper was found just outside the spa hut at Gondwana



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