A species of Alepidea found on Gondwana!

January 8, 2018


This is an exciting find! Brendan (Eco Camp), you will recall seeing this strange plant growing in the Nouga in September when we took Yvette van Wijk around on our fynbos scout…
It has taken months to identify and I think we may have found one of the two species of Alepidea that occur in this region. The two species that occur here are Alepidea delicatula (Rare) and Alepidea capensis. They should be in flower so please look out for them, this could be another rare species for Gondwana.

It can grow upto 20cm tall. Its characteristic leaves arranged in a rosette have long incurving soft spines that look like those found on insectivorous plants. The flowers are small and delicate.
The rhizomes and roots of some species are important medicinal plants.