Summer Game Drive on Gondwana Game Reserve

January 29, 2013

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset yesterday at our stunning Garden Route Game Reserve. This probably had allot to do with the actual sightings we were fortunate enough to discover on our evening game drive.

While on our safari with a few guests, we came across a lone elephant bull feeding on an acacia tree who was not at all perturbed by our presence. It is always fascinating to see how they gently eat around the acacia thorns. After spending some time with the elephant we moved on and came across a heard of zebra who seemed to be surrounding 2 giraffe. As we approached, the giraffe sauntered away into the bushes where we found a few fresh Rhino tracks. This created allot of excitement for the guests. We followed the tracks passed a few more bushes and there we found a magnificent female rhino, shy and retreating at first but after some time she slowly moved into the grazing area to give us a better view.

After visiting for a while, we left the rhino to have her dinner in peace and slowly moved to a look out point where we enjoyed an ice cold glass of wine while watching the sunset over the colourful fynbos reserve . The evening was perfect, warm with a subtle breeze moving through the mountains as the sun slowly made its way behind them. The setting of the sun was celebrated by a loud lions roar! Definitely an evening of perfection.

By Colin Smit- Head Ranger



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