The plovers/ crowned lapwings

September 5, 2016
plover or lapwing

The Crowned Lapwing is easily recognised by its combination of brown and white colours, with most tellingly, a black crown intersected by an annular white halo. 

They are generally only conspicuously vocal during the breeding season, being relatively quiet for the rest of the year. They tend to nest on the ground which is quite hazardous because of a variety of terrestrial and avian predators and large mammals that could inadvertently step on the nest. The birds will therefore fly up at the slightest disturbance in the vicinity of the nest and give frantic calls that probably serve to distract the intruder as well as to advertise its presence to other animals in the area.

They are especially vocal if the nest is in imminent danger,whereupon they are well known for swooping down while calling and ‘dive-bombing’ the enemy,often succeeding in getting it to duck or to retreat .

By Field guide, Delicious