260 Animals Released onto the Reserve and New Baby Rhino and Hippo Born this Year!

December 6, 2019

A herd of 20 buffalo and a tower of 10 giraffe were released onto the Reserve this year as well as large numbers of Red Hartebeest, Wildebeest, Impala, and Springbok.  We also introduced endangered Cape Mountain Zebra and Sable into our protected endangered species area on the Reserve.  The newcomers are settling in nicely and Gondwana is privileged that in this time of drought in many areas of the country near and far, the Reserve can support a growing wildlife population.  We were also so proud to have a new White Rhino calf born to a very astute Rhino cow and under the vigilant watch of Gondwana’s APU team.

This youngster was hidden from view for a few weeks after birth. Once the Rhino cow and calf had found their rhythm, they have often been seen out on the plains. The cow grazes as the calf prances around in delight making little squeaks and occasionally collapsing into the soft grass for a snooze after playing. Considering that Rhino’s are on the verge of extinction, Gondwana and our APU (Anti-Poaching Unit) team are very proud and passionate about the preservation of the species and could not be prouder to have this little calf born on the reserve.  Our Hippo have also had a calf which spends most of its time in the water sometimes hitching a ride on its mothers back and peering out inquisitively allowing us to get a sneak peek!

Our Conservation office has been a hive of activity as we have had the privilege of introducing various new animals onto the reserve over the last couple of months. As with all introductions there is a heap of planning and preparations to ensure that everything runs smoothly.  Some of our newcomers include a glorious herd of giraffes from an estate in KZN. Their release went smoothly, and the Giraffe are thriving. Due to Gondwana’s growing lion pride however, we have lost a few of the giraffes to predation but the rest seem to have acclimatised. They have a fluid herd structure and are often seen moving between our established herd and the new herds.

Along with the Giraffe we have introduced springbuck, Cape Mountain Zebra into the protected area and a large family herd of Cape buffalo.