Birdlists ~ Peter Boardman

July 30, 2018


Peter Boardman from Red Rocks 27 needs no introduction to Gondwana. He is a very enthusiastic and dedicated birder. He has compiled a wonderful record over the years of his bird sightings when he visits the reserve from the UK. Peter has complied a list of what he regards as  “common” birds, by which he means species which he would be disappointed not seeing during a two week trip to Gondwana. This list may serve as a useful first reference when seeing a bird, rather than having the daunting task of wondering where to start looking among the hundreds of species in Sasol or Roberts.

Peter has taken photos of all of those “common” species, and has posted them in a Flickr album – under the pseudonym of “Peter Leanranger !”

Here is a link to that Flickr album :

Peter took most of the photos on Gondwana itself, but he has also included some photos taken elsewhere, when he could not get a sufficiently good photo of the species on Gondwana, or when he was not able to take a photo of the species on Gondwana at all.

Click here to download a list of the common species

Text: Nadine Clarke
Photos: Peter Boardman