A Fistful of Firsts!

September 15, 2020

The Human Factor hub is proud to announce the first successful completion of our Professional Field Guide Non-Technical Skills (NoTech) training program at Gondwana Game Reserve, Western Cape SA.

Organizations such as Gondwana Game Reserve that operate within a high-risk industry must constantly balance safety with productivity within a resource constrained and competitive environment. Gondwana’s Professional Field Guides and Rangers face complex, dynamic and high risk situations daily and yet they create wonderfully safe and memorable guest experiences. They work at the operational centre of wildlife tourism. They deal with people from different cultures, dangerous wildlife and operational risks on a daily basis.

These NoTechs are science and evidence based skills which originated and are well developed in professional fields such as special operations units (SEAL teams), Aviation, Nuclear and Health Care. NoTechs are about the practical skills that are taken into the wild that enhance human performance reliability in their work practice. NoTechs are the “thinking” and “social skills” that are fundamental to high performance teams. They were developed and are tailored to the Safari industry using validated Human Factor methods.

The Professional Field Guide course at Gondwana covered three full days of high drive and experiential learning, embracing intense communication, situational awareness and real time simulation exercises. Gondwana’s guides were trained to perform successfully and reliably during high risk startle and surprise events. The training also enabled them to trust in teams that assist them with problem solving under pressure.

The Field Guides and Rangers were also trained to interface with a mobile technology platform that enhances the shared awareness of risk events as well as real time threats to Gondwana Game Reserve. This combination of Notech training of the Field Guides and Rangers together with the force multiplication of technology platforms produces a powerful Safari Safety System. This Safari Safety System not only offers guests the peace of mind when visiting and relaxing in this magnificent wilderness reserve but also assists in protecting and managing the reserve’s valuable biodiversity.

SSS”, Safari Safety Systems, setting the new standard in safety for the Safari & Conservation Industry.