Another incredible discovery on Gondwana!

March 13, 2020

This gorgeous Gladiolus stands tall in the landscape with a HUGE flower, so delicate looking, completely exposed and thriving in the heat and the rain, a complete wonder of nature!

To top this off it is Critically endangered. Gladiolus roseovenosus can be seen flowering for a short time this month. So far only very small populations have been found by our conservation team, in flower this year. Due to the rarity of this species not much is known about the pollination or habitat of this exquisite Gladiolus. We are certainly excited to add this to our scope of research and the Gondwana Conservation team is monitoring it closely to unearth more. According to SANBI red data this plant has only be seen on two other sites in the Mossel Bay area and nowhere else in the world. Many thanks to the conservation team – Kevin, Jolandie and Jono for sharing its location with me so that I may photograph it. It certainly has been a highlight for me.