Ranger Diaries

January 29, 2013

Summer Game Drive on Gondwana Game Reserve

Summer Game Drive at Gondwana Game Reserve We enjoyed a beautiful sunset yesterday at our stunning Garden Route Game Reserve. This probably had allot to do with the actual sightings we were fortunate enough to discover on our evening game drive. While on our safari with a few guests, we came across a lone elephant bull feeding on an acacia tree who was not at all perturbed by our presenc
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November 8, 2012

Cheetah Bonding

Cheetah male at Gondwana One of Gondwana Game Reserves male cheetahs has recently bonded with another male. The coalition that they have formed allows for better territory protection and allows them to be more successful hunters.
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October 16, 2012


facebook2 It seems as though love is in the air at Gondwana Game Reserve. Two lion were spotted mating in the car park at Lehele Lodge. Shortly before, The lions had caught an Eland a few meters from the reserve and wildlife offices. The lion  pride have made monitoring relatively easy this week but rather difficult to get access into the office!
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October 16, 2012

Long Crested Eagle

Long-crested-Eagle Long Crested Eagle spotted on Gondwana today! This beautiful creature is way out of its distribution range, must have been attracted to the reserve by our beautiful Fynbos :)
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October 11, 2012

Secretary Birds!

secretary birds A Beautiful pair of Secretary Birds seen at Gondwana. Secretary birds are Large birds of prey and are recognized by their eagle type body and their long crane like  legs. However, when in flight this bird looks more like a crane than a bird of prey. Female and Male secretary birds are distinguished by the male having longer head plumes and
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August 3, 2012


We have an interesting pious zebra down at our stables. Originally he thought he was a Watusi cow and used to hang out with them then moved on to join the eland in the red rocks area. He stays away from all the other zebras which is quite bizarre. He now hangs out with the horses and has now fallen in love with Sabra the little Arab mare owned b
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July 10, 2012

Cheetah Sighting

Cheetah One lovely afternoon I took a group of guests staying at a private Bush Villa on an exciting game drive. We ventured past the waterhole and saw some very playful hippos splashing about in the water. On our way to the main gate something flashed passed us which caught my eye. As we moved closer we saw 2 cheetahs lying on one of the contour lines. Th
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June 27, 2012

Hiking in Milkwood Valley

It has been an awesome experience hiking in the Gondwana Safe area lately as I have been able to enjoy the small things Gondwana Game Reserve has to offer. Our Protected species/walking area is what we call “Renosterveld” and offers a different kind of Fynbos with an interesting mix of plant species as well as some interesting butterflies 
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June 11, 2012

New Buffalo Calf Spotted!

buffalo Gondwana welcomes a new member to the buffalo herd. On the 15th of May, A heifer become a mother and gave birth to a baby boy. The youngster still clumsy on his feet followed his mother through the thicket to meet the rest of the herd. The mother has been very protective over her calf keeping him well hidden away in the dense bush. As the calf grow
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