Ranger Diaries

June 11, 2012

New Buffalo Calf Spotted!

buffalo Gondwana welcomes a new member to the buffalo herd. On the 15th of May, A heifer become a mother and gave birth to a baby boy. The youngster still clumsy on his feet followed his mother through the thicket to meet the rest of the herd. The mother has been very protective over her calf keeping him well hidden away in the dense bush. As the calf grow
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May 24, 2012

The Days Of Our Lions

The lion has been an icon for humanity and have enjoyed a positive depiction in culture as strong but noble. Gondwana’s male lion fits the description perfectly. Until recently the male and female lions have avoided each other residing on opposite ends of the reserve. Gondwana management intervened to promote a bonding process whereby the entire
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October 11, 2011

Buffalo on horseback

On the 14th of June myself, Tracey, Justin Dare our stable manager and one of our homeowners Aarnie Van Der Horst went on a outride , I picked up a problem with my bridle and had to return to the stables with Justin. We decided we had to canter and gallop to catch up to Tracey and Aarnie so we had a great time riding through the fynbos, however
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October 11, 2011

Lion Kill At Kwena

Last week after the heavy rains we were on our way in to Kwena Lodge when we spotted fresh lion tracks as well as zebra tracks, The lions were following them on a hunt. We suspected something had happened nearby as we could feel the tension in the air ,shortly afterwards Chantelle De Bertoli called in that she had spotted a dead zebra 30 meters fr
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April 26, 2011

Young 'Bulls'

Our young Elephant Bull, Mabitsi, has a special relationship with Trevor, one of our Rangers. They are both the same age (a young and tender 22) and for some reason when Trevor finds him in the veld, Mabitsi always has to kick up some dust and do a little show! Guests love to see this and although safety is always first, it is a highlight to see
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April 11, 2011

Lion Hunt

One Thursday night I went out on drive with two clients in the Red rocks area in search of  lions. The area is perfect for them with long grass and a rusty colouration... ideal for a lioness to lie in ambush - as my guests remarked. After a while we started heading back to Kwena camp and found our magnificent pride walking towards our security g
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February 11, 2011

Uninvited Lions

It was that time of the year, summer time, where the weather allowed for fantastic bush dinners to be held. I was excited as I had a good game drive and now it was time for one of our chefs, Dirk to prepare a great braai for dinner. My two guests are an Australian couple, Kevin and Wendy, that farm with beef cattle in the outback and so far we’ve
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February 8, 2011


I was doing an evening drive; it is summer, so at six o’ clock it was still reasonably hot. We have seen the elephants and a rhino earlier on and we were now driving through the fynbos thickets. Usually seeing big animals like that tend to be the climax of the drive, so now it was quiet on the vehicle, everyone just appreciating the scenery and t
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December 16, 2010


One particular sighting that comes to mind is one involving our male rhino. It was a warm afternoon, myself and three guests departed on evening Game Drive. We had struggled previously in the day to find the rhino so we went back even more determined to find him. After a good hour and a half of searching our luck changed and we found him as he was
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