Conservation of South Africa’s threatened and endangered wildlife and vegetation

The Gondwana Conservation Foundation (GCF) has been established as a non profit organisation to contribute to the conservation of South Africa’s threatened and endangered wildlife and vegetation relevant to the Southern Cape of South Africa through active management, training and skills development of the local people.

The Southern Cape of South Africa is home to one of the most critically endangered vegetation types on earth (Fynbos) and has a high unemployment rate within the region.

The foundation’s ultimate mission is to use management, education, training and community involvement to create employment for the local community while actively protecting the endangered wildlife and vegetation within the region.

The foundation has created independent initiatives focusing on specific projects. The funding for these initiatives has been ring-fenced allowing for people and organizations to participate in their key area of focus. Each initiative will report back to the foundation and its funders independently.

The foundation’s fundamental point of difference is the feedback to the donors allowing the donors to know exactly where their funds have gone to and what has been achieved.

The foundation uses cutting edge technology and social media platforms for this communication. Click here to go to Gondwana Conservation Foundation website.

Watch: Gondwana Game Reserve’s Conservation Department were caught in action by Q-Rioseando, Spanish TV adventure show for 5 dedicated 30 minute TV segments! Follow this link https://goo.gl/Uy7QM2 to see the first segment in the series and watch Gondwana’s founder, Mark Rutherfoord try to treat a rhino for ticks using a balloon and a drone as well as many other exciting interactions with cheetah, elephant. Mark and his wife Wendy also share how Gondwana came to be.