Gondwana introduces 800 new animals including an additional family herd of 5 elephant!

October 9, 2014

Garden Route, South Africa: South Africa’s biggest reserve in the Southern Cape, the 11,000 hectare Gondwana Game Reserve has kicked off the summer season with a bang with many exciting wildlife introductions taking place recently. Herds of Eland and Gemsbok have already arrived as well as hundreds of Blue Wildebeest, Springbok, Red Hartebeest and Waterbuck who also recently set hoof on the reserve. Several exciting large game releases are also on the horizon including a pod of hippo, and a new female cheetah, which is a critically endangered species. The new mammoth herbivores, including 2 adult female elephants and their 3 young, are settling in nicely and have met up briefly with the reserve’s resident herd of elephant.  And not to be out done, Gondwana’s pride of lion welcome two new cubs which were recently seen on game drive for the first time since their mother was denning.  These introductions have taken the reserve’s wildlife population to the highest density it has ever been and further cement Gondwana’s reputation as the leading Big 5 safari experience in the Western Cape.

Gondwana Game Reserve is the only free roaming Big 5 wildlife reserve in the Southern Cape.  Expert field guides reveal African wildlife to guests on game drives set in a spectacular Cape Fynbos environment surrounded by the Outeniqua Mountains. Conservation and sustainable management of the indigenous flora and fauna is a key objective. Gondwana supports some of the most critically endangered vegetation types in the world. These areas would have been under intensive threat if under an alternative land use. Green rolling hills and undulating valleys are blanketed in colourful fynbos, adding special interest to a Big Five Safari experience.

In addition to sustainable land management, proactive conservation efforts at Gondwana include a sustainable honey production programme as well as an Endangered Species Protection Programme. The reserve has invested in the reintroduction of species that have been on the verge of extinction including the endangered desert black rhinoceros, bontebok, cheetah and Cape Mountain Zebra, providing a truly unique safari experience and exhilarating wildlife encounters.  The vastness of the reserve, coupled with the area’s Mediterranean climate and terrain, make the land well suited to multiple species of game which are frequently seen by the game lodge guests. Book your stay to experience the breathtaking wildlife family of Gondwana Game Reserve first hand.

Elephant introduction Gondwana

Lucy Rutherfoord assisting with elephant release

elephant release on Gondwana

New Elephant herd taking in their new surroundings

red hartebeest release Gondwana

red hartebeest being released

red hartebeest after release

Home Sweet Home for Red Hartebeest