Gondwana Joins Africa Live App

December 10, 2013

Africa Live helps you find and share real-time African animal sightings on your phone or tablet as well as generate data for conservation.The live safari sightings map shows you what animals are near you right now and allows you to easily and immediately share your sightings with people around the world. It is a must-have for any African safari, and now Gondwana Game Reserve has been added to its sightings map.

Africa live App can be downloaded FREE on android devices via google play and on apple devices via the Apple iStore. Offline maps including the Gondwana Game Reserve map can be purchased within the app by clicking offline maps.  Gondwana’s rangers will be posting sightings regularly so you can stay in the loop on the location and time of sighting.


– The location, species, activity, time, date and photos are saved electronically and shared with the conservation bodies such as Endangered Wildlife Trust.
– Over 11 000 unique sightings have been recorded so far.

– This Historical data is recorded and can be viewed on the Historical sightings map. This data provides insights into animal distributions, population    densities as well as range and migration patterns.

– Rhino sightings do not appear. The app can be used to report signs of poaching.

For more information please check out the Africa Live  website for more details.

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