August 11, 2020

Born near the southern most tip of Africa (Cape L’Agulhas) in a small town called Bredasdorp, Marc grew up on his family farm for the first few years of his life.

Marc’s family has quite a history in conservation, his great grandfather nurtured the last few bontebok in the world on their family farm and was part of a treaty that formed the first Bontebok National Park, established to save the species.

With constant exposure to his grandfather’s passion for wildlife and particularly birds, Marc was taught many different bird names from a young age. Another major influence in Marc’s life was Sir David Attenborough with his incredible documentaries that have inspired people all over the world. In Marc’s words “I dream and strive to walk in his footsteps.”

Directly after leaving school Marc studied to be a field guide and 6 months later was working in Namibia in the far south of the Kalahari close to the Kgalagadi Trans frontier Park.

“Every single day I feel more and more passion for the work I do and my curiosity about nature is unending, because nature has so much to teach us if we are just prepared to learn from it.”

Along with his passion for nature, Marc has also developed a love for photography. Photography allows him to capture amazing moments and subjects that can be kept as memories and to share.

Walking trails, have defined Marc’s true passion. “When I walk in the bush I feel like I am truly part of nature. Besides for the excitement and adrenalin of encountering the Big Five on foot, one has the opportunity to take time to appreciate the beauty of nature and focus on the smaller things that one often misses.”

Below are some of Marc’s photographs

“I took this picture after one of my most incredible elephant experiences on Gondwana! Our two elephant herds were not far apart from each other, each with a bull elephant. I approached Mabitsi, the bull elephant on the far left. Suddenly the other bull elephant, second from the right ran toward the other bull. They both raised their trunks and pressed up against each other chin to chin. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, an elephant cow pressed herself in between the two bulls as if to calm them. This is the scene I captured.”

“The king of Gondwana and a very impressive specimen! The early morning light truly captures his beauty. He and his companions are thriving in the Fynbos kingdom and are a sight to behold!”

“Certain species of frog can slightly manipulate the pigment of their skin to better camouflage themselves. This frog has chosen to mimic the cryptic patterns of a burnt tree branch, in the northern reaches of KwaZulu Natal.”

“The Bearded Scrub-Robin is a stunning bird that spends most of its time in dense bush. I photographed this bird, after spending roughly an hour seeking it out in the bush of Northern KwaZulu Natal, after I had heard a single call.”