Meet Meagan Eddy Gondwana’s Head Junior Ranger Guide

August 25, 2020

Meagan Eddy is one of Gondwana’s Field Guides and is also our head Junior Ranger Guide. Originally from the Southern suburbs of Cape Town, Meagan was introduced to Guiding during her gap year. She started by volunteering at Shamwari Game Reserve to decide if a career in conservation was for her. Meagan met other field guides that she loved learning and exploring about nature with them.

“I love the peace and the freedom of the bush, accompanied with the excitement of always discovering or understanding something new.”

One of Meagans great passions is Fybos because of the great biodiversity that exists in this biome. “So many beautiful plants that all look so different. They’ve been around for an age, right under our noses, and yet we are still finding new species.”

Meagan believes that conservation work, research and data capturing etc has made a big difference in our understanding of nature.

“My long term hope is that by understanding ecology better we can move loser to the dream of humans living in harmony with nature.”

To Meagan, the reintegration of big 5 or a full historical ecosystem into the Fynbos biome, on Gondwana, is really fascinating. The conservation research that Meagan had been exposed to, had focused on animals in the Savannah and Grassland biomes, leaving Fynbos to the plants, bugs and smaller animals. “Gondwana is working in new territory and is showing great promise. It’s like the best of both worlds.”

Here are some of Meagan’s Junior Ranger Videos that she has developed for our Junior Rangers!