Radio Jargon at Gondwana

March 12, 2018


Whilst out on game drive in many reserves in South Africa, there is another language that comes into play between field guides over their radio network. This radio jargon has evolved over time derived mostly from local African languages to allow the field guides to discuss sightings and updates . There is no translation app or google connection to help one at this time! With this in mind here are some common names that can be heard frequently over the radio…

Hippo – Imvubu

Elephant – Indlovu

Giraffe – Dlulamiti

Lion – Ingonyama

Youngsters – Impanpane

Kill ( grip, grasp, hold) – Bamba

Male/husband – Madoda

Female/wife – Mufasi

Bush/Thicket – Hlathini

Old one – Madala

Text: Nadine Clarke
Photo: Raquel de Castro Maia