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The Reserve

The reserve is named after “Gondwanaland”, the original landmass that existed one hundred and twenty million years ago from which Africa was formed. The Outeniqua and Swartberg Mountain ranges that surround the reserve are the last visible evidence of the former Gondwanaland after the continent split to how we know it today.

Gondwana ReserveGondwana’s goal is to continue to expand its total conservation area to provide the Western Cape with a large eco-tourism destination for the promotion of indigenous flora and fauna as well as the rehabilitation of wetland areas currently under threat from invasive alien species. Gondwana has already reintroduced the first endangered black rhino to the Western Cape from where they historically occurred.

In developing the private reserve, every attempt was made to reduce potential impact on the environment. Areas of indigenous vegetation were protected and left untouched. Gondwana’s water supply is completely self-sufficient utilising its own streams. Strict water usage controls and restrictions are applied to all buildings to preserve this natural resource.