Conservation Foundation

Mission Statement

Utilize our resources to create greater conservation and social opportunities for tomorrow.


  • To preserve, enrich and rehabilitate the biodiversity and natural resources including water, wetlands, indigenous vegetation, Fauna and unique historic and scenic sites on Gondwana Game Reserve.
  • To contribute to the conservation of South Africa’s threatened and endangered Fauna and Flora relevant to Gondwana Game Reserve and the Southern Cape of South Africa.
  • To educate and expose South Africa’s children to the sensitive and precious ecosystem we all live in
  • To uplift Gondwana’s surrounding community through environmental enterprise and education.

Conservation Programmes:



Please contact John – wildlife@gondwanagr.co.za if you would like to learn more about any of our existing projects and how you or a corporate sponsor can get involved and contribute to our conservation efforts. The Foundation is registered for Section 18A which allows for a conservation receipt on donations which can be deducted for income tax purposes.