Wildlife update ~ interview with Jono Berry (Conservation and Sustainability Manager)

May 8, 2018


We have introduced 22 springbok from a nearby farm which mitigates the risk of heartwater disease. 

Heartwater disease has been a major issue in the past with springbok introductions. So we are confident that these springbok will pull through the first four to six weeks and if they have, I think we are golden.

There is an extra giraffe in the protected area. The lions pushed the giraffe through the fence at the end of March.

We are presently planning for the animal introductions and are looking at approximately 100 blue wildebeest as well as some more plains zebra to boost the prey species for the lions. 

I am incredibly happy and relieved to see the strong summer that we have had with regards to the amount of young waterbuck babies, hartebeest babies, impala, the blue wildebeest and the zebra. I think that has been a direct result of the game licks and the micro nutrients and the minerals that have been added to the veldt. So despite the worst drought in living memory we have had a very strong birthing season, which we are very excited about.

Text: Nadine Clarke
Photographs: Raquel de Castro Maia