Wildlife update by Jono Berry (Conservation and Sustainability Manager)

July 30, 2018


The two new lion cubs born on the reserve don’t need any introduction as they have attracted many photographers in recent weeks! 

We have some exciting news regarding the buffalo. We will be introducing an enlarged free roaming herd onto the main reserve in July!

The two buffalo bulls currently roaming on the main reserve have been moved into the herbivore boma to bond with 11 new buffalo cows recently purchase on auction. The goal is to bond the cows with the bulls for a month or so in the boma and then release them onto the reserve so that they will be a functional herd. The bonding is important so that they move around as a herd to mitigate the risk of predation.

Additionally, the buffalo camp down at the shortcut gate area has been extended over the road up with a cattle grid to the fenced boundary by the staff village.  This will now keep the elephant out of this small area which hosts Gondwana’s water’s reticulation system and provide more grazing for the growing buffalo herd in that breeding area.

We have recently established an internal land restoration team. This team will address alien eradication on the Reserve and complement the existing Working for Water (WFW) program.  The purpose of the internal restoration team is to maintain eradicated areas after the WFW teams exit a completed area and to target other areas outside of the approved WFW plan. 

So far it has been a tough winter. It is very dry even though there has been small amounts of rain and this is having a negative affect on grazing.

Text: Nadine Clarke
Photos: Jolandi Botha